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Middle School Centers - CAMT 2010


If you have any questions please contact us:

Kelly Meshell - 512 - 414 - 0766   kmeshell@austinisd.org

Pam Johnson - 512 - 414 - 0766   pjohnso2@austinisd.org


Powerpoint with Cranium Vocabulary Directions:


 Learning Centers in the Middle School Math Classroom - Part 3.pptx 


Anchor of Support Box:

A school box that contains any manipulatives needed to play the games. Students are able to choose the manipulatives they use and it also helps the teacher provide the materials needed in one location.


The supplies that were in the Anchor of support box for the centers on this wiki site:

2-3 small cans of play-doh

1 set of dominoes

2 bags of centimter cubes (about 100 in each bag)

1 bag of red and yellow chips (about 25)

1 deck of cards

Cranium game cards

2 dice

index cards

blank quarter sheets of paper used for drawing during the cranium game



Cranium Vocabulary Cards

Action Task Cards.docx 

Vocabulary Game Cards.docx 


Hit the Target

Hit the Target Directions and Symbol Cards.doc




Give Me Hives

Give Me Hives_Directions.doc 

Give Me Hives Cards and Recording Sheet.docx 



Favorite Food Survery

Favorite Food Survey_Cover Sheet and Directions.doc 

Favorite Foods.pdf

6 hundreds grids.doc


Dimensional Geo-Metry

Dimensional Geo-Metry Coversheet and Directions.doc 



Mystery Cube Puzzle

Mystery Cube Puzzle Coversheet and Directions.doc 



Positive and Negative Chamber Game

Positive and Negative Chamber Game_Cover Sheet.doc  

Integer Chamber Game Board.docx 

SRS Positive and Negative Chamber Game.docx 



Data Warehouse

Data Warehouse_Cover Sheet.doc 

Five Color Cards Central Tendency.docx 



Angle Puzzles

Angle Puzzles_Cover Sheet and Directions.doc 

Angle Puzzles.pdf 



Follow the Leader 

Follow the Leader_Cover Sheet and Directions.doc

Follow the Leader Recording Sheet.pdf



Resources we have found helpful when designing centers:

1. ETA Cuisenaire Super Source 

2. ETA Cuisenaire Math Activities with Dominoes - Grades 3 - 8

3. ETA Cuisenaire Color Cubes: Activities for the Middle Grades

4. ETA Dale Seymour: Math Games and Activities Volume 2 by Paul Shoecraft

5. Hands on Math by Frances M. Thompson

6. The Little Giant Book of Math Puzzles by Derrick Niederman

7. Region IV Accelerated Curriculum Books

8. Get it Together by Equals - Larence Hall of Science

9. Algebra Thinking: First Experiences by Linda Holden Charles - Creative Publications


Victory Lap Session - FDP Battle - CAMT 2010


Handouts for the Activity - Fraction Decimal Percent Battle

CAMT 2010 Victory Lap Session.zip




Job-Embedded PD Session - CAMT 2010

Friendship Bracelet Activity for 6th grade and PD Handouts 




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